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Most recently completed figurines.

BG John Buford

Brigadier General John Buford

John Buford surveys the field on the first day at Gettysburg while his cavalry division delays the advance of Confederate infantry. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Pegaso, painted with acrylics.

Brigadier General George Custer

George Custer wearing his unique, self designed uniform shortly after assuming command of his cavalry brigade days before the Battle of Gettysburg. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Andrea, painted with acrylics.

Confederate Infantry Lieutenant

Confederate Infantry Lieutenant

Confederate infantry lieutenant holding the first Confederate national flag - the “Stars and Bars”. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Pegaso, painted with acrylics.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate of the Caribbean

Pirate captain stands defiantly on a spar with a stiff breeze blowing. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Andrea, painted with acrylics. 

Confederates in retreat

after the battle

Confederate infantry in retreat following battle. 54mm (1/32) figurines by Andrea and Pegaso, painted with acrylics.

Berdan Sharpshooter

Berdan’s Sharpshooter

A soldier of the 1st United States Sharp Shooters peers around a tree looking for a target. He wears the dark green uniform unique to the sharp shooters. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Pegaso, painted with acrylics.

Highlander at Culloden

Highlander at Culloden

16 April 1746, a highlander stands defiantly during the defeat of the Scottish army of Bonnie Prince Charlie. 75mm (1/24) figurine by Elite, painted with acrylics.

Eugene de Beauharnais

Eugene de beauharnais

Prince Eugène wearing the dress uniform of the Chasseurs à cheval de la Garde Imperiale. 54mm (1/32) figurine by Historex, painted with acrylics and artist oils.